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YOUR ROOM Kumamoto Station [little]


​Room capacity

3 people

​Total number of guest rooms

​8 room

​parking lot

​None (Please use nearby coin parking)
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​There is no elevator, so the rooms on the 2nd floor require stairs.


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​ Feels like a rental apartment

Feels like an apartment for rent

​Amenities such as bath towels are prepared only for the first day, and there is no cleaning during the stay.*Excludes long stays.

About Apartment Hotel

​Non-face-to-face self check-in

Non-personal self check-in

​Since there is no front desk, check-in and other procedures must be done by yourself. Please contact us in advance if you have any questions.

​With furniture and home appliances

Furnished with furniture and appliances

​Kitchen/Cooking utensils/Washing machine/Bathroom dryer/Cleaning supplies

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