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In addition to the normal equipment, we will lend you the following items. *Rental requests on the day of check-in cannot be accepted.

Rental items may not be available depending on the season and inventory status. note that

​ List of rental items (paid)

​Iron set

300 yen

Rice cooker 02.jpg

​rice cooker

300 yen

Baby icon.png
​baby products


0 Yen


​bedwetting sheets

0 Yen


​baby monitor

0 Yen



0 Yen

​ If you would like to rent it, please make a request in advance on LINE

After adding LINE as a friend, send a request according to the message.

​ [Response time]10:00~18:00

*Because of the number of rentals and arrangements, please be sure to make a request by the day before check-in.

​[This is an inquiry email for foreign guests only]

For foreigners

​[Response time]10:00~18:00

Thanks for submitting!


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​ Feels like a rental apartment

Feels like an apartment for rent

​Amenities such as bath towels are prepared only for the first day, and there is no cleaning during the stay.*Excludes long stays.

About Apartment Hotel

​Non-face-to-face self check-in

Non-personal self check-in

​Since there is no front desk, check-in and other procedures must be done by yourself. Please contact us in advance if you have any questions.

​With furniture and home appliances

Furnished with furniture and appliances

​Kitchen/Cooking utensils/Washing machine/Bathroom dryer/Cleaning supplies

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